Gede Suwardana | The Photographer

Gede is the founder of Bali Elegance Photography and also the chief photographer on his company. Gede is a passionate Bali Photographer and covers all types of commercial and events related imagery inclusively. He was born on June 10, 1981 in Bali and has been working for over 10 years in hospitality industries in Bali.

His first introduction to the photography started when he could bought his first simple DSLR camera in the beginning 2011 and began enjoying it as his new hobby. Gede realized that photography can be more than just a hobby and for fun, then he started attending lots of photography seminars, workshops, short courses in Bali. He improved his skill by joining numerous of photo hunting and holding photo shootings with his colleagues and becoming more focus in photography. In January 2012, he decided to do a commercial photography services by establishing Bali Elegance Photography as his brand.

Gede is specialized in wedding journalism, engagement, pre-wedding, post wedding, and event coverage.

Wedding Photography is an ever changing area of photography and has become one of the most creative fields of photography. As a Bali Wedding Photographer, Gede gets very excited every time meeting with a new couple and think about all the fun ways to turn their wedding into lasting artwork. He thoroughly enjoys capturing the anticipation, excitement and moments of the day for the couple.

In his perspective, photography is about passion and love that give us positive energy creative innovative and fresh images. He believes that pictures are timeless and not just too good to see, but worth is as memories of lifetime.

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